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The project management team needs to gather and review secondary information on the priority stakeholders from sources such as newspapers, institutional reports and publications, speeches, organization annual reports, political platforms, and other sources.

Collect information: The nest step is to collect as much information as possible regarding the identified stakehodlers. Make a judgement about what information stakeholders really need, which is not always what they ask for.

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Interdepartmental communication can then effectively utilize findings and the content can be shared with key stakeholders. All industries have their specific sets of Key Performance Indicators and metrics, which should be considered when creating that kind of report.

These two examples show how other parts of the business can use Internal Communication statistics to demonstrate value in their area.

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On this specific example of business report, we have gained insights on how to present your management data, compare them and evaluate your findings to make better decisions.

They all are essential to business success, as they bring clarity to a complex analysis. Full Story Now that you have your metrics, it can be tempting to simply share communication results with your own team. This allowed employees who would not be comfortable asking a question in public to have an input, but also provided a huge amount of intelligence on what type of questions the executive team could expect at the live events.

Conducting such an analysis before project implementation allows project managers to detect and take measures to avoid misunderstandings and potential opposition to the project.

This is best done through a formal and structured interview process.

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Business Report Examples & Templates Every Manager Should Know