Questionnaire on advertising

questionnaire on advertising impact on consumers

Do you permit external media trades by the advertising sales agency to the transit agency? What is your process to review the content of advertising?

advertising effectiveness project questionnaire

When was the most recent competitive bidding for the contract? Describe below or attach written procedures.

Tv advertising questionnaire

Do you barter ad space? All rights reserved. Other Advertising Practices Do you restrict any of the following types of advertising? Did the RFP specify a minimum guarantee level? What percentage of your inventory is allowed for in-house advertising? Please check the boxes for the equipment and facilities that you sell or lease advertising space on or in. If yes, please describe: Do you barter ad space that is set aside for transit agency use? If yes, do you require identification of sponsorship? Media trades: a. Quick perceptions see them everywhere and utilize them in advertising. Have you ever been sued over a controversial advertisement?

All rights reserved. Do You like Advertisement?

Questionnaire on advertising

Please complete this questionnaire as quickly and completely as you can. Who sells the advertising? Newspaper space is too valuable to be wasted with poor, pointless advertising. If in-house, please answer Question 8. Do you accept viewpoint advertising? If yes, please describe:

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Advertising Perception and Effectiveness Survey