Correlation between sociology and other social

Relationship between sociology and anthropology

Sociology and Psychology: Sociology is a science of society. His respect, status, and class are all results of his monetary possessions. But in spite of the inter-relationship both differ from each other. History would deal with events in all their aspects while sociology would study them from the viewpoint of social relationship involved. Sumner, Durkheim and Weber also approached the study of society through its economic institutions. History Some historians claim that history is a series of unique events which can only be described separately and which never form patterns or trends. They will study its impact on the lives of the people, their social institutions, etc. Besides there are some common area of study such as social disorganization, public opinion etc. These topics are War, Propaganda, authority, communal riots and law. For example, the historians would describe a war, all the circumstances accompanied with it, while sociologists would try to understand a war as a social phenomenon. Psychology Psychology takes the individual out of his or her social circumstances and examines the mental processes that occur within that person. We have even in primitive societies different occupations being followed by different people in the same regional setting. For its own comprehension economics takes the help of sociology and depends on it. Sociology and Political Science: Sociology and political science have been very closely related to each other till recently. As such sociology is prior to Political Science.

Anthropologists greatly benefited by the Sociological researches. The geographical environments alone never explain the rise of a civilization.

conclusion of sociology and other social sciences

A multidisciplinary field, sociology draws from a variety of other social sciences, including anthropology, political science, psychology, and economics. In order to know the sociology of something, it is necessary to know their history and they both are intimately related.

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Sociology is the science of society. Sociology, on the other hand, studies the same phenomena as they exist at present. But in spite of the inter-relationship both differ from each other.

relationship of rural sociology with other social sciences

But psychology is a science of mind or mental processes.

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Relationship of sociology with other social sciences