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Here they affect all of us.

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About the Author Allan Baillie was born in Scotland in and came to Victoria, Australia with his family when he was six. She is shocked at the treatment of animals in the market in Guangzhou, at Joan eating snake for dinner and at the dirty river. In fact, she tried to ignore her Chinese heritage and focused on her European features, like her freckles inherited from her English father and her sniffy nose. She also becomes more positive about the food. People stay as a group with the same culture and others who get rejected due to the cultural differences are commonly seen among the society. Ke is so upset and cries. At the beginning of the book, Leah and Joan had a hostile relationship; many small and insignificant signs have expressed it in different ways. Relationship, culture and identity give us or help us to seek for our sense of belonging.

The symbolism of the strong hug and approval by Li Nan shows her acceptance into this family which again helped her to accept her Chinese identity.

Ke has very strong political opinions and he feels connected to the students across China who are calling for an end to the corruption or guanxi and greater freedoms for all Chinese.

Leah admits to Ke that she does not know much about the politics of Australia, let alone China.

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By belonging to the student movement Ke enriched their cause and helped challenge the communist government which acted as a barrier, preventing its citizens from participating and belonging in their own society because they were excluded from the political decision-making processes. Ke has very strong political opinions and he feels connected to the students across China who are calling for an end to the corruption or guanxi and greater freedoms for all Chinese. On her way to visit Joan in hospital in Red Star Village she reminds herself, try to think how she has been feeling! Her identity also changes with her changing sense of belonging. Tree bares of sprint people, arms stretched out and screaming. You could photocopy the map in the text to use for this purpose. The emotional element of the image reaffirms a sense of loneliness, and herself barriers that she has built impending her interaction with the world. They think he is afraid of the danger. Its not us that is winning. Later, in Tiananmen Square, he changes his mind and says, after marching for us in Turtle Land, you Zhu Leah, are part of this. A member will not be able to earn Qantas Points on the following products; magazines, eBooks, gift cards and postage. You are on page 1of 7 Search inside document Suggested answers to thinking about how the text relates to the Area of Study: Belonging 1. He delays his journey to join their protests in Chengdu by a day so he can show Leah around the village but the next day he tells his mother, Li-Nan, Ive got to go, got to go. They have no way to go but our way. In the novel, Ke chooses to be one of the students fighting for democratic change in China.

However as the story develops, their relationship starts changing as well. However unlike Leah, May struggles to seek for her identity.

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Leahs feelings about her identity have been challenged by her experiences in China through various contexts. This authority represented barriers to their belonging to a free, democratic society. The inevitable development of tolerance towards others outside the dominant power base is progressively portrayed in The Island.

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They think he is afraid of the danger. Leah thinks differently and felt she was marching with the students p.

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Swallow the Air, Black Australian Writing by Tara June Winch