Case study based on the cognitive behavioural perspective

Cognitive behavioural therapy case study

She was a student of natural sciences and her studies were at the stage where she was to write her thesis. The client uses the acquired understanding to work on the problem. The contents of the group sessions and the themes covered in each of them are depicted in Table I. The topic could be, for instance, hopelessness in regards to writing the thesis and studying. She qualified as a mental health nurse 20 years ago and the majority of her career has been spent in the community, working primarily with people experiencing common mental health problems. After that, all information would be destroyed. In this subject's case, her relationship with herself as a student was most prominent, because the subject brought this topic up constantly when she spoke up. Assimilation does not progress rigidly and systematically; there can be regressions. When asked about his childhood, he said that he had been happy and did not report any traumatic events. Measures The subject's depression was assessed with the Beck Depression Inventory self-assessment form that had been translated into Finnish Beck et al. I particularly liked the addition of a critique of each case study. Dennis is also an associate practitioner within the university counselling service where he provides a CBT clinic with Mandy.

Depression diminishes a person's ability to act through various mechanisms. As a consultant psychotherapist he currently runs two separate clinics, one specialising in severe and enduring conditions and the other in differential diagnoses.

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However, it is possible to separate four steps that one can follow to ease the process. The group consisted of six students suffering from depression and studying difficulties.

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In our everyday lives we can see CBT influences around us, in business, marketing, advertising and the media; it has even gained the interest of politicians and economists. In addition, it was expected of the attendees that they possess enough concentration to carry out the assignments required by the course programme.

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Feelings are positive and optimistic in tone. They analysed the effect of thought and worked with their beliefs and thoughts. What did I learn in the group? In the beginning, this was unclear. The analysis is not just about the final result of the therapy: the problematic experience and the stages of changes the individual goes through are observed and assessed at different phases of therapy Stiles et al. He also met the criteria for specific phobia limited-symptom, which was secondary to his social phobia. Nevertheless such efficiency and effectiveness has ensured that the National Institute for Clinical Excellence NICE suggests the use of cognitive behavioural therapy as a clinical intervention across a wide range of clinical presentations. Many people perhaps forget that Aaron Beck, one of the most significant figures in the development of CBT, was trained as a psychoanalyst, and it was his attempts to include analytical theories in his behavioural treatment clinic that acted as a catalyst for what became his theories of cognitive behavioural therapy. Following therapy, and follow-up occurring one month post treatment, George no longer met the criteria for social phobia and symptoms leading to acrophobia were reduced. The feelings can be vaguely targeted and their connection to the content of the experience can be unclear. He complained of severe symptoms of anxiety and phobias during the last six months. According to the extensive mapping by DeRubeis and Crits-Christoph , treating depression with cognitive-behavioural group therapy is efficient and useful. They made assertiveness exercises and learned new strategies for managing their emotions. Preface [Page ix] There are several textbooks available covering the subject of cognitive behavioural therapy CBT and it is no revelation to discover that the reason is because CBT is the dominant approach to psychotherapeutic interventions in most clinical services.

She avoided meeting her course mates and spoke to virtually no one about her studying difficulties. The fatigue, the powerlessness and the lack of concentration that accompany depression also reduce the student's ability to function.

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This was, at least in part, due to the lack of jobs in the field.

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Cognitive group therapy for depressive students: The case study